01     Tabletop Chess Collection
         by Alexander Gelman
         Traditional Japanese lacquer (rushi)
         in gold and platinum leaf,
         silver inlay board. 

02     35°38’N139°42’30”E
         Sequencer, Tokyo/New York 2011


03     Shadows by Alexander Gelman
         Imura Gallery, Kyoto 2012

04     Idea Magazine, Special Gelman Issue
         Tokyo 2004

05     Postglobal, exhibition at the Discovery
         Museum. Haneda Airport, Tokyo 2012

06     Hitoshinaya takeout bags.
         Haneda Airport, Tokyo 2014





2013     Gelman/Satie Installation at Haneda Airport, Tokyo
2012     Postglobal. Discovery Museum. Haneda Airport, Tokyo
2012     Games. Gallery Libby Sellers, London
2012     Games. Art Basel, Gallery Libby Sellers, Basel
2012     Ephemera by Alexander Gelman. Blind Gallery, Tokyo
2012     Shadows by Alexander Gelman. Shirota, Tokyo
2011     Shadows by Alexander Gelman. Imura, Kyoto
2010     Yakusugi, Kyoto Art Fair, Kyoto
2010     Corner. Installation at Nanzuka Underground, Tokyo
2009     Gelman’s Masterpieces. Kakitsubata, Tokyo
2008     Gelman/Davis Collaboration. Nanzuka Underground, Tokyo
2007     Little Black. Installation at Nanzuka Underground, Tokyo  
2006     Treasure Map. Alexander Gelman installation at CET, Tokyo
2005     Elemental Narratives.
             Three large scale installations at CET, Tokyo
2004     Collaboration with Idea Magazine. Memes, New York
2004     The 4th International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzhen, China
2004     Gelman/Davis. Andrew Rorth Gallery, New York
2004     Limited Run: Gelman Vs. Roth. Andrew Rorth Gallery, New York


2011     Obscured by Clouds (Sequencer, Tokyo/New York) 
2011     Temptations, (Sequencer, Tokyo/New York)     
2011     Shadows (Sequencer, Tokyo/New York) 
2011     Chess Collectible, (Sequencer, Tokyo/New York) 
2011     35°38’ N 139°42’30” E (Sequencer, Tokyo/New York)      
2010     Gelman’s Chess: The artisan Experience (Globally
             Local Media, Tokyo) 
2009     Postglobal (PHP, Tokyo) 
2009     Little Black (Sequencer, Tokyo/New York)
2006     Alexander Gelman (GGG, Tokyo) 
2006     Gelman Thinks (Browns, London) 
2005     Elemental Narratives (CET, Tokyo)
2004     Gelman/Davis (PPP, New York)
2004     Infiltrate (BIS, Amsterdam) 
2001     Alexander Gelman (China Youth Press, Beijing)
2000     Subtraction (RotoVision, UK)

             MoMA, New York
             The Smithsonian
             Bibliothèque National de France
             Denver Art Museum
             Aman Resorts




Alexander Gelman is an American artist, impresario and philanthropist, based in New York and Tokyo. His work, widely shown around the world, is included in public and private collections including, The Smithsonian Institution, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, Bibliothèque National de France and Denver art Museum. Employing various media, such as print, sculpture, light and sound Gelman challenges the boundaries between art, science and popular culture. His work, exemplified by stark impeccable simplicity, is rich in conceptual complexity. Gelman frequently collaborates with musicians, artists and institutions. Gelman also serves as guest professor at Yale University and MIT Media Lab. He had authored a number of books, articles, and was a subject of several monographs. In 2001 Gelman was listed among  "the world's most influential modern and contemporary artists in all media” by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  

Alexander Gelman