Studio Glmn® step-repeat pattern. Tokyo, 2014

Studio Glmn® stet-repeat pattern. Tokyo, 2014

Collectable postcard sets. Sequencer. Tokyo, 2010—2016

Idea Magazine 304: Special Gelman Issue. Tokyo, May/2004.

Shadows by Alexander Gelman. Exhibition at Imura Gallery. Kyoto, 2011
With the support of Art Printers Nippon and Globally Local Media.

Little Black by Alexander Gelman at Nanzuka Gallery. Tokyo, 2007

Tabletop Lacquerware Chess Set. Traditional Japanese urushi lacquer, silver inlay.
Aman Resorts' private collection. Tokyo, 2009
In collaboration with the Yamanaka Artisan Association and with the support of Ishikawa prefectural government, Kateigaho Magazine and Globally Local Media.

Tokyo Airport Haneda, complete rebranding, communication strategy, planning
and policy for retail, infrastructure, modernisation and expansion. Tokyo, 2012-2016
Shown above: Hitoshinaya, a kappo–style Washoku restaurant. T1 departure.
In collaboration with Ryo Matsui Architects.

Postglobal by Alexander Gelman. A museum exhibition at Haneda Airport.
Supported by JAT and ANA. Tokyo, 2012

Alexander Gelman, GGG Books, master series number 77. DNP/Trans Art.
To accompany a retrospective exhibition of Alexander Gelman, entitled The New York Connection. Tokyo, 2006

An element of a media installation. Studio Glmn®. Tokyo, 2016

Tengumai, junmai daiginjo—Red and Black rebranding. Tokyo, 2010

Editorial commission. Scotland/UK referendum. London, 2014

Haneda Airport Design Collection by Alexander Gelman, Tokyo, 2013

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Kigo—Princesse, a debut digipack release. Subtraction Records, Tokyo, 2010

Toki Robusto, Japan’s premium cigar brand. Tokyo, 2015—2016

Information graphics for Mars, Incorporated. New York, 2005

Art Printers Nippon identity. Tokyo, 2011

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