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1-16-6-10A Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043 Japan

Moon Village is a strategic creative agency established to support Japan’s new generation of business leaders, real-estate developers, entrepreneurs, and policy makers. We advise and partner with motivated executives on design strategy, communication, planning and policy, development of new products, facilitating partnerships and co-branding opportunities, as well as building, training and managing creative teams, both on- and off site. ‍

Founded in 2010 as an entertainment and events’ company, Subtraction Records has joined efforts with the legendary New York branding agency Design Machine (founded in 1997) to fulfill a mission for modernization and rebranding of Tokyo Airport Haneda (HND) in 2012 and through 2016.

Our success has lead to extending the alliance with some of Tokyo’s real–estate and corporate veterans, formation of the new board and appointment of the new president
in 2018. The Moon Village was born.

Alexander Gelman, Founder
Yu Goto, Chairman
Taka Ono, President




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